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Standard Guarantee


If you are dissatisfied with any Seederman Needle Seeder, you may return it within 14 days for a full refund less shipping and handling. Additionally all Seederman Needle Seeders carry a two year standard warranty on all parts except for needles, and our GS3-HD machine carries a three year warranty. Machines should be returned in same or similar crate as when shipped. All warranties and guarantee void if problem is due to misuse or damage by owner.


Servicing your own machine?


We recognize that with any machine over time, there is a certain amount of regular maintenance involved. Moving parts should be cleaned and lubricated to keep them in top working order. Components may need to be re-calibrated and adjusted after repeated use and movement around your greenhouse. All of our machines are delivered with an in-depth manual that includes information on care and maintenance.


Additional Service


In addition to servicing our own machines under warranty, we are capable of servicing older machines and machines manufactured by other companies. Call or write for details.


The Seederman Guarantee

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