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We know your business, and we know your business needs. Our experience with seeding machines began by evaluating, repairing, and re-designing machines that were purchased for use in a greenhouse in England. We believe that equipment should work FOR you, rather than your employees working for the equipment. In today's tough market this need has grown even stronger and growers need equipment that they can count on for years to come, to operate efficiently and continuously without undue need for "care and feeding".

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Our designs have been proven to work in both large and small growing operations. Our machines have been designed to be practical for your working environment, easy for your employees to operate, and tough enough to withstand the rigors of a greenhouse environment. Graham has made considerable improvements over the machines he has built for other manufacturers, and continues to make them with every new machine off the floor. Our machines are designed with simplicity in mind. Simple to operate, simple to change tray size, and simple to change seed.

We use only the best quality materials in the manufacture of our machines. Top grade aluminum extrusion provides strength, stability, durability, and they look terrific as well!

Having had experience owning and operating a greenhouse, we are capable of answering all of your specific questions and help you choose the right machine to meet the needs of your business and your budget. We regularly attend trade shows throughout North America where you can see a demonstration of our machines. See our sales page for a list of upcoming trade shows we are attending. We also sell our machines through select distributors.

Unlike most other manufacturers we can and will service each of the machines we build. Our machines are shipped with a 2 or 3 year warranty and a 14 day return policy.

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