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All of our seeders are made from the highest quality extruded aluminum for strength and durability. We use only the finest quality parts and materials. As always, we can and will accommodate special requests from growers, so do ask.

Needle Seeders are our specialty!

  • GS1 Hand Operated

    Semi-Automatic, compact, and easy to use. This is the machine of choice for the small grower, and for small applications (such as trials) for larger growers. Priced right for smaller sowing needs.

    GS1 Semi-automatic needle seeder on Griffin booth at Cultivate 2016
    Air filter regulator
  • GS2

    Automatic indexing, compact, and easy to use. This is the machine for the smaller grower and smaller applications that wish to have more automation.

    GS2 Automatic needle seeder
    Adjustable footpad on a table top needle seeder
  • GS3

    This machine is fully automatic, comes standard with a dibbler, and stands on sturdy legs. Can accommodate several add-on's such as vermiculite dispenser and watering bar. Fully automatic.

    GS3 Automatic needle seeder
    Optional vermiculite dispenser
  • GS3-HD

    Similar in function to our GS3 machine, but built for long batch runs. Our newest model carries a 3 year warranty.

    GS3-HD Automatic needle seeder
    Fertil pots on UHMW bed
  • The Broadcaster

    Our newest machine release in 2014. Sows seed into an open flat.

    Think microgreens.

    Microgreens broadcasting accomplished by The Broadcaster
    Graham AKA Seederman

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