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Planting the Plantopia Basket

See how easy it is plant up one of our patented Plantopia hanging baskets.  The pockets are designed to define where to place plants reducing the need for guesswork (how many plants?), cutting holes (that messy moss!), improved root aeration (the pocket inserts are latticed), and saves time!  The basket below took 2 minutes to make.  Another benefit to our basket is that it allows up to a 4" pot which means you are not limited to planting these up early to grow them on - which translates to more sales in late season.  You can sell these baskets pre-planted, or sell them as a retail item for your customers to plant up themselves. 

We recommend planting trailing varieties on the top of the basket and upright growing plants along the bottom of the basket.  The upright growing plants will grow through the trailing plants creating a beautiful 360 degree basket.

The following series of photo's demonstrate how to plant up your basket. 


Step 1 - using a clean basket with pocket inserts removed, fill with potting medium to just below the rim of the first pockets.  Soil should be mounded in the center so that plants are tipped slightly to the outside edges.
Step 2 - Insert plants (up to 4" pot) into pockets so that roots are on medium and base of plant is in center of cut out at bottom of pocket.  The pocket is similarly cut out so not to interfere with plant growth.
hanging baskets   hanging baskets


Step 3 - Place pocket inserts over plant neck and snap into place securely.  When placing the insert,  position the bottom two tabs first, making certain that the plant is in the center of the cut out.
Step 3 Continued - Photo showing all 4 bottom pockets planted and secured into place.  Basket is now ready for next layer.
hanging baskets   hanging baskets


Step 4 - Fill potting medium over base level of plants to just under the second row of pockets.  Again, mound potting medium so that plants will be tipped slightly to the outside.
Step 5 - Insert plants into top row of basket as in step 2.  Photo shows the proper degree that plants should be tipped to outside of basket.
hanting baskets   hanging baskets


Step 6 - Complete the top row of the basket with pocket inserts as shown in step 3.
Step 7 - Place potting medium on top of the basket leaving the medium loose enough for top planting of basket.
hanging baskets   hanging baskets


Step 8 - Top plant basket.  Allow enough room for growth.
Step 9 - Place hanging chain into holes.  Hanging chain provided with each basket.


  hanging baskets
After your basket is planted up, hang it and water it.  Water lightly to start until active root growth is achieved.



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