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Hanging Baskets by Plantopia

Hanging baskets available in 12" and 14" with either 12 or 8 pockets. Soon to come 16".


Plantopia 14" Hanging Basket with 12 pockets shown with chain hanger. Hanging basket shown in all three available colors (black, terra cotta, and green).  Available with chain or wire hanger.  Please specify color and chain or wire hanger when ordering.

  Hanging Baskets

Plantopia 12" Hanging Basket available with chain or plastic hanger (both shown), in black, terra cotta or green.  Please specify color and plastic or chain hanger when ordering.


Available 2008 our newest basket designed for grower economy.  14" hanging basket with 8 pockets.  Made of the same quality durable injection molded plastic as our other baskets.  Available with your choice of plastic, wire or chain hanger in black, terra cotta or green.  

Proudly made in the USA

NEW!!  The Plantopia basket was developed in England and works well in some US climates.  However, if drying is a concern to you, we also offer a closed panel that will help retain moisture.

Please specify closed or open lattice work panel when ordering, available for all sizes and colors of basket

Left - 14" 8 panel with closed panels inserted.

Right - 12" 6 panel with closed panels inserted.



The Plantopia hanging basket is a new design from Europe, exclusive to North America with Seederman and a few of our select distributors.  This hanging basket is designed of high quality injection molded plastic, with snap-on plastic inserts to accommodate planting on the sides of the basket.  Simply snap the pocket insert out, place your plant, fill with soil mix, and repeat.  Properly planted - you see a large mound of flowers from all angles, not the hanging basket.  Plant some up in your retail area for sale and display empty for customer DIY.  The heavy plastic design ensures years of re-use.  Each basket is shipped with the necessary number of plastic inserts (12 inserts for the 14" basket, 6 inserts for the 12" basket).  The 14" basket includes either chain (shown at left) or rigid wire hanger.  The 12" includes either plastic (shown at right) or chain hanger.  Indicate chosen hanger with your order.

These hanging baskets were designed for near immediate sale of your product as they allow you use up to 4" potted material eliminating the need for weeks of growing on in your greenhouse. 

No Moss!  No mess!  No fuss!


hanging baskets Hanging baskets like these can be produced in days instead of weeks in your greenhouse.



Making Baskets Click here to see how easy it is to make up one of our baskets in 9 easy steps. 

Prices available upon request.

Our prices are based on quantity purchased and can include shipping if desired.  Call, write or e-mail for a price list. 



Seederman Products is pleased to announce the addition of the following distributors of our Plantopia hanging baskets. 











Berlin Seeds - 330-893-2091 (Ohio)


Please note:  Seederman Products does not sell direct to the general public.  We sell to professional growers, wholesalers, and retailers only.  Baskets can be purchased by the general public through one of our retail distributors above.

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